Adventures with Authors Vol. 2 Tea Flight

Adventures with Authors Vol. 2 Tea Flight

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In the Adventures with Authors Vol. 2 Tea Flight…

Edgar Allan Poe-Taste a hint of intriguing dark tales, as you sip this black tea that includes smokey lapsang souchong, pu-erh, beetroot and bergamot.  

Fyodor Dostoyevsky-A black tea blend that combines teas from Russia’s caravans, with a dash of Earl Grey. A warm way to drink in this author’s cold winter novels.

Henry David Thoreau- Slightly tart and earthy with apples, organic cinnamon, ginger, red clover, and spearmint, this herbal tisane brews to a delightful red color.  Imagine sitting at Walden Pond enjoying a peaceful cup!

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley-An elevating green tea blend that includes sweet blackberry leaf, cacao nibs, and chocolate and blackberry flavors. The combination is frightfully good!

William Shakespeare-Enjoy a cup of this black tea in the company of any of the Bard’s exceptional characters.  This blend brews to an amber cup with a sweet floral taste and includes rose, lavender and rose petals, rosemary, and bergamot oil.

 All teas are certified kosher

Each bag contains one ounce, five total ounces in this tea flight.

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