Chocolate Indulgence Tea Flight

Chocolate Indulgence Tea Flight

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In the Chocolate Indulgence Tea Flight….

Caramel Chocolate Melt- A rich black tea with sweet velvety caramel and decadent chocolate hints.

Raspberry Chocolate Truffle-A black raspberry and warm chocolate tea that is reminiscent of a favorite Valentine's treat.

Chocolate Covered Cherries- This black tea is a delightful blend of wild cherry essence and chocolate.

HMS Bounty-A smooth black tea that is an exotic blend of coconut and chocolate. The taste is sure to satisfy! 

Grasshopper - A black tea that combines fresh, lively mint with full flavored chocolate tea. Wonderfully reminiscent of an after-dinner mint.

All teas in the Flight contain caffeine and should be brewed for 5 minutes with boiling water.  Enjoy!

Each bag contains one ounce, five total ounces in this tea flight.

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