Union Jack Tea Flight

Union Jack Tea Flight

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Let this friendly British invasion spruce up your tea time! The perfect gift for the British lover in your life!

Kiss Me! I'm British: A peppermint-kissed tea that will leave you smiling. Savor this affectionate beverage alone or with a loved one. 

Coronation: A blend representing the areas that were under British rule at the time of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation - from Sri Lanka, Kenya, and Egypt. Full flavored Orange Pekoe tea with chamomile and hints of honey.

Buckingham Palace: Notes of high-grown pure Ceylon Earl Grey blend with jasmine, Assam, and Dimbula Ceylon. A brisk and golden cup that could be served at the Queen's annual June Garden Party.

Queen Mary: A fresh and invigorating tea from the world's top tea gardens. Good flavor tempered with flowery and malty notes.

Scottish Breakfast: Originally blended for the soft waters of Scotland, Taylor's of Harrogates' traditional Scottish Breakfast blend can be enjoyed wherever you live. It's a blend of the very best Assam and African teas, with an inviting bright color in the cup and a full, rich flavor, which makes it a particularly satisfying breakfast tea.

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