Emerald Sighs Tea Flight

Emerald Sighs Tea Flight

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In The Emerald Sighs Tea Flight….

WALNUT GREEN - Nutty notes in this green tea are highlighted by walnuts and sweetened with pineapple bits and coconut flakes. 

JASMINE EXTRA FANCY - A fine Chinese Poochong tea from the port of Fuzhou is blended with the fragrant blossoms of the Jasmine flower.

LONG ISLAND STRAWBERRY - Flavorful summer sweet organic strawberry and papaya pieces round out an exceptionally smooth organic green tea.

RACHEL’S EVENING BLEND - A calming combination of decaffeinated green Sencha tea with spearmint and a bottom note of lavender.

CHERRY ROSE - A blend of high-quality green tea with sweet cherry notes and morning rose flavor.

Each bag contains one ounce, five total ounces in this tea flight.

Brew for 3 minutes “just below the boil” water (Between 165 ° and 185 °)

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