Enjoy a Cuppa Tea Flight

Enjoy a Cuppa Tea Flight

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In This Tea Flight….

Churchill’s Toddy - Cinnamon, vanilla, and ginger all combine to make this delightful black tea that is reminiscent of a bold toddy.

Kiss Me, I’m British - A peppermint-kissed black tea that will leave you smiling. Savor this affectionate beverage alone or with a loved one.

London Blend – This black and green tea blend with notes from vanilla, Earl Grey, jasmine, rose and lavender will take you on a tea journey through the exquisite gardens of London.

Pendragon Song – A refreshing blend of rooibos, lemon & spearmint - the perfect way to end your day.

Queen’s Birthday Cake – Almond and coconut combine in this black tea to create a delightful birthday cake taste fit for any celebration. 

Each bag contains one ounce, five total ounces in this tea flight.

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