Adventures with Authors Volume 3 Tea Flight

Adventures with Authors Volume 3 Tea Flight

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In the  Adventures with Authors Vol. 3 Tea Flight….

Bronte Sisters - This delectable black tea combines flavors found in Charlotte, Emily, and Anne's family orchards.  It's a sweet fragrant blend - pear and apple with gooseberry tones.  

Charles Dickens - Enjoy this well-rounded variation of the typical British tea of Dickens' time.  A hearty blend of black and oolong teas that includes flavoring and cornflower petals.

Jane Austen - Vanilla undertones accentuated by warm lavender and cool mint give this delicate-looking blend a surprising strength, similar to an Austen heroine!

Louisa May Alcott – This blend combines almond and strawberry flavors and brews to a delicious tea that is fruity and aromatic.

Emily Dickinson - A delicate jasmine tea that combines with mellow rose petal accents.     

All teas are certified kosher.

Each bag contains one ounce, five total ounces in this tea flight.

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