How to Make the Perfect Iced Tea

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The grass so green,
the sun so bright.
Life seems a dream,
no worries in sight.


Even though I did not grow up with iced tea, I have come to appreciate, even crave, a glass in the summer. Refreshing and soothing, a nice glass of iced tea invites us to sit on the porch, relax, and enjoy the lazy days of summer.

There are many varieties of iced teas. Herbal teas are an especially nice alternative to plain water when iced because they help me stay hydrated as water gets boring over time.... Preparing your tea properly will greatly enhance your experience. Here are our recommendations.

Flash brew - when you need a glass of refreshing tea right away, flash brew is your friend. Grab your Takeya Pitcher (either the 1-quart or 2-quart size). Place tea infuser/tea bags into your pitcher. Fill it half way with hot water and allow the tea to steep for the designated time. Remove the tea leaves and fill the pitcher with ice. Shake or stir (unless you're a James Bond fan, in which case shake is the only option...) and enjoy! Your tea can be ready in less than ten minutes! If you are making tea for just one person, I suggest using the Boli Teapot. Follow the same procedure, fill it halfway with hot water, steep the desired time, add your ice to your glass and pour the tea over the ice. 

Here are our recommended brewing times:

Black teas                    boiling water                          5 minutes

Oolong                         180-200 degrees                    2-4 minutes

Green                           160-175 degrees                   1-3 minutes

White                            170-180 degrees                   2-3 minutes

Herbal/Rooibos             boiling water                          5-7 minutes


Cold Brew - this method has become my new favorite. It is foolproof - no need to have the water at the right temperature or a timer. Simply place leaves/tea bags in your pitcher and fill it with cool water (we recommend the Mist Ice Tea Jug or the Charlie Pitcher for cold brew). Place it in the fridge for 8-12 hours and it's done! I usually make mine the night before and have it ready in the morning. You can easily make yours in the morning and have it ready for your evening guests. No need to worry about removing the leaves. This is why those pitchers are recommended since they have a filter. 

For a single serving we recommend 2 teaspoons or 2 tea bags, 1 quart use 4 teaspoons or 4 teabags, 2 quarts use 8 teaspoons or 8 teabags, for a gallon use 16 teaspoons or 16 teabags. 

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