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  Are you considering switching from coffee to tea? Or maybe simply wanting to substitute more tea in your daily routine. Some potential benefits of drinking less coffee are:

  • Whiter teeth
  • lower cholesterol
  • lower acid reflux
  • better sleep
  • less edgy
  • less cramping (too much coffee may inhibits magnesium absorption)

No matter your reasons, here are a few tips to help you transition. 

You will first need to determine the main reason why you drink coffee. Is it the caffeine kick or the bold taste? If the reason is that your significant other makes the coffee in the morning you might need to teach them to make tea. 

If the reason is caffeine here are a few options for you. Coffee has about 100-150 mg of caffeine per cup. A regular black tea has about 90 mg. Yerba Mate is one of your best options for a boost as it contains about 95 mg of caffeine and provides a continuous boost throughout the day. You can even mix it with other teas such as Cinnamon Orange Spice or Churchill’s Toddy. Another great option is Matcha with about 70 mg of caffeine. A Matcha Latte is easy and delicious! 

If the reason you drink coffee is for the taste we would recommend an Assam (known as the backbone of bold teas), a Yunnan, or a Pu-Erh. We have several good Pu-erhs including Dark Chocolate Peppermint (my favorite) and Scottish Toffee Pu-Erh. 

Start slow. Replace one cup at a time and increase over time until you have joined the dark side of tea!

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