{Celebrate!} Hibiscus-Berry Punch

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Happy New Year! 

One of the things I love the most about the holiday season is the many excuses to make things just a little extra special, a little extra fancy. A dear friend of mine goes above and beyond when it comes to hospitality, especially around the holidays. This is her recipe, and my goodness is it ever good! A simple punch, the rich purple hue makes anyone feel like royalty! 

We've got a special little recipe for a sparkling, delicious, festive drink - and you have time to make it for tonight!

This recipe used Berry Patch Herbal, but you can easily substitute any tea or herbal infusion.

Hibiscus-Berry Punch


4 Tsp. Berry Patch Herbal

2 C. Boiling Water

1 liter Club Soda 

1/4 c. sugar, honey, or preferred sweetener 

Ice, as needed

[Make It Happen]

The first step is to make a quick tea concentrate. Today, I used 4 teaspoons of Berry Patch and 2 cups of boiling water. Let the tisane steep for at least 7 minutes. If you are going to sweeten the drink, now is the time to mix the sweetener into the tea. 

Chill the concentrate overnight, or a minimum of 2 hours.

Mix one quarter concentrate with three quarters soda. 

Add a few chunks of ice. 

Garnish with lime slice or mint sprig, or just enjoy!

Beautiful, quick, and just so yummy - I hope it adds so much to your New Year celebration! 

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